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Project Description

Easy Backup Windows Service - windows service for easy scheduled backup local or network folders.

Technical details
  • C# WinForms client application + Windows Service application + Setup project created in Visual Studio 2013
  • .NET 4.5 requred
  • Application include InstallShield LE installer
  • Download Easy Backup Windows Service installer
  • Run setup.exe
  • Click Next, Install, wait while dialog box appears, enter user credentials from which you want to run the windows service (account must have access for all folders you want to backup) and click OK, click Finish
Enter user credentials for Windows Service
  • Program start automatically
How to use
  • After installation click app icon in the notification area, on the right side of the taskbar
App icon
  • In dialog click on "Backup Schedule" label
Settings dialog
  • Fill in opened schedule file
Backup schedule file
  • Save changes and close schedule file (save as UTF-8 if use not english language in path)
  • Click Restart Service button (service read backup schedule on startup)
Restart button
  • Click "Logs Directory" label if you want check log files
Project details

Easy Backup Windows Service start automatically when Windows start. Easy Backup client application start automatically when a user logon Windows. If you want solution without windows service you can use Easy Backup Application instead.
  • Backup schedule stored in schedule.txt config file
  • Program write logs in Log folder (every day in new file)
  • Auto log files cleanup (log file stored 7 days)
  • Log files protected from uncontrolled increase (program overwrite log file after 2MB)

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